Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Perry War of the Roses Minis

My first batch of Infantry for FoG is done:

(click on image for higher resolution photo)

These models are from Perry Miniatures; the crossbowmen and pikemen are from the "Mercenaries" box set, and the heavy weapon guys (pole-arms) are from the War of the Roses box set (they are made to be used in conjunction with each other). One Wargames Factory viking snuck into the 2nd row to make a nice even number of men!

(click on image for higher resolution photo)

This is how they will rank up for 2 bases in FoG: 60 mm wide. (Even though the rules recommend 4 men per base for heavy, I stick with 3 simply because I want to retain the one-man-per 20 mm base option, so they can also be used in any 20mm system.) Here they represent Later Medieval Danish mixed levy -- crossbows in the front row, heavy weapon in the back. I intentionally painted them in a rather generic scheme so that they can serve in almost any medieval European army.

These were all painted with the dip method. Details of my past experimentation with dipping can be found here.

Although the dipping method itself saves time, it's still about 30-40 minutes per man. Not that it's so much time, but finding the time has been tough. Usually, I paid all the legs, then they sit for 3 weeks. Then I paint all the weapons, then they sit for 3 weeks, dipping, basing, etc.

At this rate I should have the army done by 2018!

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